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A song in memory of Aich’s late wife

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A song in memory of Aich’s late wife.

July 28 is the third death anniversary of late Shahida Aich Noosha, wife of lyricist and author Aich.

On this occasion, a new song written by Aich has been gifted. The title of the song is ‘Jonaki Jare Oriya’. The song is sung by Close-up star Syed Ashiq. The music and melody of this song has been directed by the artist himself. The song was published by YouTube channel Ashiq Gallery.

In this context, Aich said, a different feeling is working in me because my song was released at this time. I wrote this song after the death of my wife. This song is sung very beautifully by Syed Ashiq. I believe, whoever listens to this song once, it will be scarred in his mind.

On the other hand, Syed Ashiq said that all the artists of our generation have the desire or dream to sing Aich songs like popular songwriters and writers. But the interesting thing is, I didn’t know, similar Aich likes my singer very much. He offered me to sing his song one day. Then we made a song together for a long time. That song is ‘Jonaki Jare Oriya’. And this song he wrote about his late wife. Hopefully, all my listeners and fans will like this song.

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