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Even in the age of video, Rakib Musabbir’s audio song is viral

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Rakib Musabbir’s sequel song ‘Monta Karia 2’ (Amar Mon) was released in March last year. After the song was released on March 20, 2022, it did not get much response. But on April 12, 2023, the song suddenly went viral on Tiktok. Already the song has reached around one and a half lakh in 48 hours. TikTok has used this song in their video clips. Rakib Musabbir has also sung the song besides writing the lyrics, music and tune. The song was released in audio format on YouTube on Rakib Musabbir’s own music channel ‘Tune Factory’. Also, the audio of the song has been released internationally on 23 online platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music from Rakib Mosabbir’s own production company ‘Tone Fair’ record label. In this regard, Rakib Musabbir said, I have always given priority to audio in music. Many people ask me to make videos of my songs, but I stick with audio. Although people are more addicted to video these days, I still prefer audio time and time again. Because the song fits the subject well in the audio. Much like wild animals are beautiful in the forest, children in their mother’s arms. In fact, by listening to an audio song, people can create their own story in their own imagination. But the visuals of a song may get more views, but the audience cannot immerse themselves in their own story in the world of imagination after watching the video of that song. So I think the demand for audio format in music will remain forever. So I still prefer audio. And now online audio streaming is in great demand worldwide.

Rakib Musabbir also said that many of my songs have silently gone viral in audio format in this video era. Although I am reluctant to bring up success stories. Because not everyone is aware of this. Besides, I have three records of Bengali songs. One. My first viral song online in 2007 was ‘Jare Amar Man’. It was released as an unreleased unmixed track. Two. The most popular Latin or Reggaeton Partan song in Bangladesh was mine. The song is called ‘Jala’! Its second sequel ‘Jala 2’ was also a hit in audio. Three. Complete all album activities single-handedly. Lyrics, tunes, music, vocals, mastering, video editing, video production, video direction, VFX, co-production etc. are almost all done by my single effort. And that album was called ‘Mayaboty Moina!’ This album was my last album released on CD. After that, all my songs and albums were released online only.

It is noted that Rakib Musabbir, as an artist, composer and music director, has given many popular and successful songs so far. Despite the ups and downs in his music career, he still continues to quietly sing many hits in the span of a few months. One of his songs has the highest views of around 7.5 crores. The name of the song is ‘Mon Pinjira’!

Rakib also said that he is currently working on a sequel to a popular song by an immortal hero of the country and is constantly working on music content for his audio production company.

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