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I want to work for the party as a worker, not a leader – Mubarak Hossain

Shojib Al Hossain | Italy Reporter |

Mubarak Hossain was born in Shambhupur village in Bhairab upazila Shibpur union of Kishoreganj district. His father Rafiqul Islam Judge Mia. He is a prominent businessman of Bhairab Bazar and former president of Shivpur Union Jubo League and contested for the post of chairman in the Upazila Parishad elections.

Mubarak Hossain was selected as an honorary member of the Italian Awami League in a party press release signed by the recent Italian Awami League president, freedom fighter Mahtab Hossain and general secretary Md. Alamgir Hossain.

Mubarak Hossain, the progeny of Bhairab, who came from student politics, has been involved with various social and political organizations ever since he came to Italy. He is constantly working to organize the team. Moreover, he is the son of a political and noble family.

His father served as the founding president of the West Awami League in Rome, Italy, as the president of Kishoreganj District Association Rome. At present, Mubarak Hossain is the president of the Bangladesh Association of Monfalcon, Garizia, Italy and is involved with various political and social organizations.

He is also the founding chairman of Anas, a reputed Italian shipbuilding contracting firm. Expatriates living in Monfalcon are working to solve various problems of Bengalis and have been cooperating with political, social organizations and mosque schools. Before coming to Italy, Mubarak Hossain passed his B.Com from Government Titumir College, a traditional educational institution. Since then, he has been involved in student politics.

He hoped that all Bangladeshis living in the country and abroad would move forward with the prayers and love of this political journey.

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