Saturday, April 13

Iftar mahfil organized by Kishoreganj residents living in Venice

Shojib Al Hossain | Italy |

The residents of Venice, Italy’s Kishoreganj neighborhood observed iftar and doa mahfil with religious solemnity. Thousands of Bangladeshis living abroad in different occupations attended the Iftar celebration. This iftar mahfil was held on Friday in the neighborhood of Baitul Ma’mur Central Jame Masjid.

Eminent community personality Rafiqul Bari, prominent political personality Abdul Mannan and Haji Abul Kasem, Tofazzal Khan Toshan gave a welcome speech in the organized iftar party. In addition, Tajul Islam, Mubarak Hossain, Solaiman Hossain, Fakhrul Chowdhury, Amir Hossain, Sohail Rahman, Nawaz Sharif, Rajibur Hasan, Abdul Ahad Miar conducted Islamic narration before the fasting people present before Iftar. Maulana Abdul Aziz, the Khatib of the local Jame Masjid, led the prayers at the Iftar party.

In this prayer and Iftar Mahfil, the leaders of various social, political and regional organizations were present. Finally, the residents of Kishoreganj living in Venice thanked the fasting people for participating in the Iftar.

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