Friday, June 21

Kudrat Ullah is the Publicity Editor of the Television Dramatists Association

Online Desk :

Kudrat Ullah has been working in entertainment journalism for more than a century. Besides, this young writer has involved himself in various types of writing. Apart from this, he added the title of playwright or writer to his name by regularly writing stories and dramas. Several dramas written by him have already been aired on popular television channels and online platforms of the country. Currently, he is working as the entertainment head of the online department on a private television channel. In the meantime, he got the responsibility as the publicity and publication editor of the well-known organization Television Dramatists Sangh. He will perform this duty for the period of 2023-24. Recently, a meeting of the executive committee was held at the office of Television Dramatists Association in Niketan, Gulshan. This decision was taken in the eighth executive meeting under the chairmanship of the organization’s president Harun-Rashid and general secretary Ahsan Alamgir. In the meeting, several other decisions were taken, including the formation of the convening committee for organizing the upcoming annual general meeting of the organization. It is worth noting that the playwrights came together for the first time in 1998 and the second time in 2001. But within a short time, their activities were stopped. Later, in the conference held on April 2, 2016, the Television Dramatists Association started a new initiative by forming a 23-member committee. In this continuity, new committees are formed every two years.

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