Friday, July 19

Messi’s new name was announced by his teammates.

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Argentina won 3-0 against Honduras in the first friendly match played as the final preparation for the World Cup in Qatar. With this, the football fans are getting a glimpse of seeing a different Argentina in the World Cup in Qatar from 34 consecutive matches unbeaten. Messi scored a double for Honduras. And after that match, the teammates gave a new name to Messi. As if he is no longer the Goat or the Greatest of All Time, he is now the Weasel. After the first of two friendlies, the former Barca star posted on Instagram, ‘Another fantastic win for the national team. Thanks for the support.’ In that post, Messi’s teammate Rodrigo de Paul replied, ‘How was the bite of the weasel.’ Papu Gomez later replied, ‘Weasel was in crazy rhythm in the match.’ This weasel means a weasel or an animal that looks like a weasel. The reason why Messi was compared to the animal is unknown. But de Paul and Gomez may have meant something different by the name ‘weasel’.

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