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‘MR-9’ Movie Beginning Story

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‘Asif Akbar – MR-9: Do or Die’ the story of Bangladesh’s journey with Hollywood and Asif Akbar’s autobiography and some memories…

In the year 2018, I then started working as the chief representative of an American film distribution company ‘Avail Entertainment’ in Bangladesh. The company is owned by JJ Rogers and Asif Akbar. Asif wants to sell Bengali films in different countries as well as films from different countries due to his immense love, attraction and love for Bangladesh. He always told me about his love. Meanwhile, along with many companies in Bangladesh involved in film production for the company, I met Aziz Bhai at the Jazz Multimedia office one day. We had various talks about the film business. Tell the details about the company’s films. He said he would tell. Let’s go.

The next day I saw in the newspaper that Jazz Multimedia announced the production of ‘Masud Rana’. Watch the news and talk to Asif Akbar about this. Asif was a little shaken when he heard that a film would be made with Masud Rana. Because, when Asif was 3-4 years old, Asif’s younger uncle Ripon Bhai used to read the story of ‘Masud Rana’ to Asif at his home in America. Asif has become a fan of ‘Masood Rana’ since childhood after hearing the story. The memory suddenly stirred.

However, after watching the news and talking to Asif, he said to me – Do you tell Aziz bhai whether the film ‘Masud Rana’ will be a joint venture with Hollywood or not? I was in the New Market area. After leaving the call, I immediately contacted Aziz Bhai. Aziz brother hears everything and says – Brother, you come to the judge’s office at 4 o’clock. I am sitting in a restaurant near Jazz’s office at 3:30 am eating naan and tandoori chicken, a little later Aziz bhai calls. To receive – where are you brother? Come to the office, I am here. I said – I am near, I am coming brother. After eating, I went to Jazz and talked in detail about Hollywood and Bangladesh joint venture on ‘Masud Rana’. Hearing everything, Aziz wants to talk to brother Asif. I immediately called Asif and talked to Aziz Bhai. After a long talk, Aziz Bhai seemed very happy. The next day, Aziz Bhai called me and Nazim ud Daula (Nazim was developing the script of ‘Masud Rana’) to his office, and we discussed the script till about 12 in the night. Nazim could not believe what was going to happen. Such a big opportunity for everyone, no one sleeps in excitement.

The next day, Aziz Bhai called me again. Will go to the Cannes Film Festival with the movie ‘Poraman-2’, said – can I help with this matter? Talked to Asif and fixed everything. Aziz Bhai went to the Cannes Film Fest with ‘Poraman-2’. Having a meeting with Asif there, he finalized everything. Then after returning to the country, the script development of ‘Masud Rana’ was going on with me and Nazim at Aziz Bhai’s house almost every day. From there, Asif also participated in video calls. Thus it took about 1 year to develop the Bengali script of ‘Masud Rana’.

In 2019, teams from Hollywood started coming in stages to audition Bangladeshi artists for the film ‘Masud Rana’ and look at the locations. All ready, at such a time, the influence of Corona has started to spread in China. Slowly spreading to the world, people are dying, everyone is afraid! Meanwhile, everyone is worried about the ‘MR-9’ project. Asif reassured everyone that ‘MR-9’ (the title was selected with the code of ‘MR-9’ Rana from Masud Rana), waited a little. Meanwhile, Corona has taken the form of an epidemic, everyone is disappointed! Many have thought that this project will probably not happen again. But, Asif is not ready to give up. Talked to me almost every day for 2/3 hours over the phone, apart from ‘MR-9’ also talked about various stories of the Hollywood industry, from there I used to go to personal talks.

Asif has finished producing 4 films and directing 2 films in the Hollywood industry during Corona. A few more films are in hand. But, because Bangladesh is in the red zone of the Corona virus, it is not possible to move forward with ‘MR-9’! Various associations of the Hollywood industry will not even allow artists and artists to go to Bangladesh. If someone goes and something happens to someone, all the responsibilities will have to be taken by Asif. Everyone was a little nervous! As the association is sitting with various bindings, no one wants to take the risk.

On the other hand, Asif is producing and producing science fiction, thrillers, horror, action films one after another with various artists including Mel Gibson, Fifty Cent, Mickey Roark, Greg Daniel, Ami Vidya. ‘MR-9’ has completed almost 20 productions since its inception!

In Bangladesh, the effect of Corona has started to decrease gradually. Asif started a vigorous movement with ‘MR-9’, meanwhile we also started running.

Finally, in 2021, the camera of ‘MR-9’ was opened and somehow the movie ended. And now, ‘MR-9’ is all set for release on August 25, 2023, with preparations for 2018.

The story of how Asif, a Bangladeshi born, worked hard to get to where he is today in an industry like Hollywood, is brutal, challenging, terrifying and absolutely mind-blowing. There is no way not to be surprised to hear that story. I am really proud to have a Bengali boy like Asif gone today!

This is Asif Akbar. Asim has reinvented himself through many setbacks with infinite patience. Asif Akbar, greetings and congratulations to you!

Not to mention an important thing, Asif’s father, Enayet Akbar Milon, is a film buff. Due to his weakness towards films, the family went against the relatives and always supported the elder son. He studied film, and tried his best to be by his son’s side.

Father and son always wanted to build a bridge between Hollywood and the film industry of Bangladesh. Father and son succeeded in that journey. Indebted to you Milon brother, one of our generation will travel to this bridge very easily.

Now it is our responsibility not to break this bridge. A concerted effort is needed for the free movement of artists and craftsmen of Bangladesh through the bridge. I have made a country independent, and I cannot sustain a bridge; We don’t have to think like that!

Wanted to say more, not in this post; I will be in another post.

Thank you all.

Courtesy : Bangladeshi Film Director Mithu Khan.

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