Tuesday, May 21

NASA’s new lunar mission has been delayed for the third time

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The launch of the much-anticipated Artemis One mission to the moon after half a century has been delayed due to inclement weather. With this, the new mission of NASA’s lunar mission was delayed for the third time. NASA was preparing to launch the Artemis One rocket on Tuesday (September 27) after two previous failures. However, due to fears that Hurricane Ian may hit the coast of Florida next week, NASA also canceled this launch decision. The U.S. National Weather Service predicts that the weather around the Kennedy Space Center will continue to deteriorate before the storm begins. And this can damage the SLS rocket. This rocket can survive at a maximum wind speed of 85 km. As a result, NASA was forced to cancel this journey to protect the rocket. Earlier this mission of Chandra Abhiyan was canceled twice due to mechanical problems. NASA wants to send human astronauts to the lunar surface by 2025. And as part of various experiments before sending humans, the space research organization will conduct several unmanned missions before the 2025 lunar mission. Earlier, on August 29 and September 3, the Artemis One launch plan was canceled due to mechanical problems.

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