Friday, July 19

Old songs are arranged in new music

Online desk:

Several years ago, the song titled ‘Ekta Din’ by the band ‘Adhar’ won the hearts of the youth. The appeal of the song has not yet run out for band music lovers. That old song came out in a new arrangement. As before this time too, Nomon has composed the music of the song. It was jointly written by Nomon and Abder Rahman. Nomon also composed the tune. But Saki has given voice in the new song. Who is the former vocalist of Kolkata’s ‘Cactus’ band. Commenting on the song, music director Nomon said, ‘Saki’s singer is good. I am planning to do better things with him. Everything from Saki’s voice, the performance in this song was great. And I believe good music reaches the audience, albeit slowly. I don’t think about whether it will go viral or have many views. I always try to do something different, to present quality songs. This is also part of that effort.

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