Thursday, June 20

‘Poran’ to air in 60 halls from fourth week

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With the number of halls releasing every week, “Poran” is now running successfully in 55 theatres nationwide. From next week, the number of halls airing “Poran” will reach 60.

After running successfully for 3 weeks since its release, “Poran” is looking forward to venture out in positive limelight in its fourth week. The director, artistes, and the crew of “Poran” are thrilled with such a response from the audience.

“The shows for ‘Poran’ are still running houseful in some theatres, and the film has already reached its fourth week. I am very grateful to the audience for such a warm response,’ shared Bidya Sinha Mim. “Poran has made a record as we have to increase the number of halls every week. Achieving such a mile-mark is indeed very inspiring for us.”

Yash Rohan also expressed his happiness for the film’s success. “The audience has been with us since the film released and that’s what I find the most pleasing,” he said.

“The success of any film relies on the audience. The way our audience has received ‘Poran’ is motivational. Our hard work has paid off,” said the film’s director, Raihan Rafi.

Yasser Arafat, director of Live Technologies Limited, thanked the audience for accepting “Poran” wholeheartedly. “The whole country is watching the film and I am thankful to them for appreciating our effort,” he concluded.

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