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‘Priyotoma’ will hit! The ‘prohelika’ will resonate! Nisho’s Shorongo’ will be commendable – Rakib Musabbir!

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This Eid, it can be said that the Bengali film is the winner. However, due to the influence of OTT and online social media, moviegoers are turning away day by day. Still, true movie buffs feel comfortable watching the film sitting in the hall. This Eid, 3 films are in discussion even before their release. In addition, the three actors who played the main hero roles in these three films are excellent actors.

In the beginning, it can be said about the country’s top number one hero, Shakib Khan’s movie ‘Priyotoma’. This movie has already created a lot of buzz in the net world and media circles. Shakib Khan’s new look or old look has taken the net world by storm. It is understood that the movie ‘Priyotoma’ directed by director Himel Ashraf will be hit by that storm. Besides, the title song of the movie ‘Priyotoma’ sung by popular singers Balam and Konal, written by famous lyricist Asif Iqbal, has already captured the hearts of the audience. Besides, the story of the film is also known to be extraordinary. So it can be said that the movie ‘Priyotoma’ deserves to be a hit from all sides.

Another film this Eid is ‘Prohelika’. The song of this film ‘Megher Noaka Tumi’ written by Asif Iqbal and sung by Imran and Konal, has already gone viral in the net world. Looking at the treasure of this film, it seems that Mahfuz Ahmed will make a mark in the hearts of the audience as Mona. Besides, the story of this film will move people’s minds. ‘Prohelika’ is directed by playwright Chayanika Chowdhury.

‘Sorongo’ is another buzz movie this Eid. Raihan Rafi is the popular filmmaker of the current generation. On the other hand, Afran Nisho is a very popular actor in Bengali dramas. The audience will enjoy the movie ‘Sorongo’ due to their duo. Rafi’s direction and Nisho’s performance in this movie have seen a lot of curiosity among moviegoers. As such, it can be said that the ‘Sorongo’ movie will be enjoyable.

Finally, whether the movie is a hit or a flop, Bengali cinema will go a long way even in this era of information technology!

Rakib Musabbir
Singer, Composer, Music Director, Columnist And Online Information Researcher.

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