Friday, July 19

Rashidul Mansoor Palash is multi-talented

Online Desk :

Rashidul Monsur Palash Musical Interest, Singer, Song Composer, song writer, manages Palash Musical Production ( Youtube & Facebook), released around 40 original tracks. Out of the 40, 20 songs were tuned by me and 17 of them were tunes and lyrics by me. Also registered one original song album under the United States copyright office as, Tittle Album, Meyetike Ami Ajo Khuje, Rashidul registered the album as Author for Tune, lyrics and vocal. He has completed MS EE UNR (USA) graduation from Bangladesh BS EE (BUET). He is an engineer by profession working at Intel, Corporation Arizona, USA. I have been living permanently in the United States for 30 years. He is constantly expanding the culture of Bangladesh in the world with his own efforts. Rashidul Mansoor Palash is multifaceted. He is an engineer intel, singer, songwriter, composer, musician. He is also a prominent social worker. I studied music-Gharana classical vocal training, under doctor Manjushree Kshirsagar Kherde from 2010 till now. Formed his own band in the United States. Enriching Bengali music in the international arena. Rashidul Mansoor Palash has composed 40 original songs and about 40 cover songs which have received a massive response. Especially famous lyricist Al Mamun Chowdhury has lent his voice to several songs and received a great response. His songs are from his own Facebook page and YouTube channel. He is regularly expanding Bengali songs in the world of music on digital platforms. Which is constantly playing a big role in our culture and music of Bangladesh. Even from far away USA, they are always offering themselves in the service of our soil and people of Bangladesh. In this context, Rashidul Mansur Palash said that he used to spend time writing since childhood. So I still practice writing in addition to my job in the expatriate life. I also listen to and sing a lot of music myself. Special thanks and expressing gratitude to all my friends and everyone who loves music, including musician Sajeev Das. I am constantly trying to develop myself as a person of music with their love and inspiration. If they like it, I will be successful. He also said, I am bringing several new songs. It will be revealed soon. All entertainment dear brothers and sisters, with the prayers of friends, I am hopeful that I will be able to give some good gifts to everyone in the country.

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