Tuesday, July 16

Workers are not available for jobs with 6 hours of work per day and a salary of 4,500 euros per month

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You have to work only six hours a day. From 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For this, a salary of about 4 and a half thousand euros will be paid per month. But still, people are not available. Although it sounds surprising, Australia is witnessing such incidents due to a lack of workers. The country’s lemon farmers are going to face huge losses due to this. British media outlet The Sun reported this information in a report on July 1. According to the report, workers are sought for only 6 hours a day. The task is to pick ripe lemons from the tree. But not enough people are available for that job. Because of this, those associated with lemon farming in Australia are facing huge losses. And so a member of parliament in Australia appealed to the workers to come forward for this work. The Australian lawmaker’s post also received a lot of responses. But the workers were not matched for work. The MP said that many lemons are being wasted due to a lack of workers.Australian MP Annie Webster said many ripe lemons were falling to the ground at lemon farms and wasting away. He also said that lakhs of rupees are being wasted due to this. In this regard, the legislator said, “Lemon producers in Sunraysia are in a lot of trouble. Good lemons should be sent to the market. There is no reduction in lemon production. There are plenty of lemons on the tree. But there are not enough people to pick those lemons and send them to the market. If ripe lemons fall to the ground, everything is wasted. He also said, “You can get 225 euros per day for picking lemons.” A salary of 4,400 euros will be paid per month.

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