Friday, April 12

Drama ‘Headphone’ on YouTube Trending

Online Desk :

Arash Khan-Tania Barshi’s new drama ‘Headphone’ has been getting a good response since its release. Directed by Saiful Hafiz Khan, the drama has been watched by more than 12 million viewers in just four days. The play is number one on YouTube trending for the last two days. The play written by Ferrari Farhad has been released on Laser Vision’s YouTube channel. Joynal Jack, Anwar Shahi, Jannat, Riyaz Raj and others also acted in this drama. Regarding the success of the play, producer Saiful Hafiz Khan said, “Earlier I did a play called ‘Love Torture’ with the same pair. It also got a response. I was hopeful about this story too. But I didn’t expect to get such a quick response.”

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