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Ahmed Saju wants to be a successful actor

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Popular mega serial Golmaal’s actor Ahmed Sajur wants to be a successful actor. He loves acting. in this regard, Saju said, I made a difficult decision without getting any job after completing my Master’s in Accounting. I love acting but it’s a very tough profession. The primary purpose of my acting is to explain the difference between good and bad to the people of the country with my acting. I want to highlight the inconsistency of society.
An actor’s responsibility is no less than that of a political leader. I have done a lot of work, but the best work has not been done yet, with dissatisfaction always working in my heart. Looking forward to doing the best job when given the opportunity. Right now serial drama- ‘Golmaal’ is running on RTV, PremChakkar is running on Ekushey TV, BauuShashuri is running on Baisakhi TV and some single dramas are being aired on different channels. Working on five short movies under Your Vision Multimedia production written and directed by Kamal Sarkar. Acting in a full-length film called ‘Nayan Tara’. I am working on serial drama-Student Life under the direction of Mrityunjoy Uchhash.

Ahmed Sajur’s ‘Golmaal’ is a popular mega serial nowadays. It aired every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on RTV. This play is written by Shahbuddin Ahmed and Manas Pal and directed by Kaiser Ahmed and Al Hazen. Ahmed Saju played a funny role. And the performance is acceptable to the audience. The drama has currently aired 130 episodes. Apart from Ahmed Saju, more famous artists have acted in this drama. Like MishuSabbir, Arfan Ahmed, Nadia, MukulShiraj, Mau, etc.

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