Thursday, June 20

Google is shutting down ‘annoying’ ads

Tech Desk :

Google sometimes shows ads while playing games and watching videos on mobile. There are some 15 second ads that don’t stop until viewed. Google is finally stopping showing this ad in view of user complaints. According to the information, the search engine giant is going to change the overall environment and operation of the Play Store along with stopping the annoying ads in the Android app. The company has recently made some changes in their policies. Which has also brought changes in the rules of several categories. To be more specific, initiatives have been taken to close some loopholes or loopholes in the rules. Due to which developers can get illegal access. According to a report published by The Verge, the company will soon be working on changes to their policies and they will be effective from September 30. The report mentions that changes in the policy are being made with the aim of getting a better experience in the case of using Google Play apps. The new policy instructs developers not to run app-related ads on full screen.

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