Thursday, April 18

Mrs. Universe Bangladesh 2022 top 50 Selection

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Mrs. Universe Bangladesh-2022 is being held for the second time in Bangladesh. The 2nd round of auditions ended on October 12. About eight thousand contestants registered in this competition. From there, more than five hundred contestants are invited for the first round of auditions. Primary auditions were held on October 1st and October 2nd at Banani Tower. Afsana Helali Jonaki, the present director of the program, said that 100 people were selected through this audition. Later, 3 consecutive days of grooming and motivational sessions were held with them. The top 50 are selected through the second round of auditions. The grooming session will be held with them again and 20 people and 10 people will be selected respectively and the final round will be held on 29th of this month. He also said that the married girls of our country cannot develop their talent and talent for various reasons. Through this platform, those women can highlight themselves and represent the country in the international arena. This year’s champion will go to South Korea for the international round. The 43rd edition of Mrs. Universe 2022 will be held there. Previously, Ruby Islam participated in Bangladesh in the 42nd edition of Mrs. Universe in China. Renowned reciter Shimul Mustafa, model and actor Monir Khan Shimul, model and actor Asma Pathan Rumpa, model and actor Antu Karim, presenter Ishrat Payal served as judges for the 1st round audition. Chief Petron Women Entrepreneur, Organizer Seema Hamid, Presenter Abdun Noor Tushar, VLCC Marketing Manager Sara Jayana served as judges for the 2nd round audition. Ms. Universe Bangladesh 2022 is title sponsored by BBB (BD Budget Beauty), and co-hosted by Youth Global Foundation.

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