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Roni Khan wants to contribute to the country’s IT sector

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Roni Khan! currently living in the UK. He wants to work for the people of the country from there. He also wants to provide youth employment. For this, he has built an IT company called ‘Easy and Rapid’. Roni Khan was born on 13 December 1985 in Madaripur Sadar Upazila. As an IT expert, he has been widely known in the area since his childhood. Roni Khan comes early in the list of IT experts and motivational speakers. Roni was one of the members of the team that added the map of Bangladesh to Google. Roni has been working as a YouTube marketer since 2008. He was one of the members of the team that added the map of Bangladesh to Google. He has been working as a map maker for a long time. He arrived in Italy in 2009. There he is working as a digital marketer with YouTube and Google. Rony has been working as a freelance journalist since 2014. Roni completed Special Diploma in Business Management from Accrediting and Assessment Bureau of London, UK in 2020. Roni Khan said, I live in the UK, but I stay in Bangladesh for eight to nine months of the year. Because through my organization ‘Easy and Rapid’, the people of my district and my country can become self-reliant. I want to provide employment to the youth of my area. Already, through the various projects of my organization, more than a hundred people have benefited economically and become self-reliant. He also said that although ‘Easy & Rapid’ is a technical consulting firm, there are several business projects under this organization, among them, Easy & Rapid Savings and Loans Cooperative Society Limited and several projects including e-commerce named City In the future, the company plans to launch an internet service project in Madaripur district.

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