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Rakib Musabbir earned 5 lakh taka in one song

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YouTube, Facebook and TikTok are currently being added. Every platform has transformed the current era of video content. Millions of freelancers are making a very respectable income creating video content. Singer, composer, lyricist and music director Rakib Musabbir is not behind in this regard. He earned 5 lakh taka in 1 song in four years. Rakib Musabbir said this money came from the song titled ‘Monta Kariya’ released in 2019 from his own audio production company. Basically, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, online audio streaming platform Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and foreign and local streaming platforms of the country and caller tune have all earned this money. Rakib Musabbir said, My ‘Monta Kariya’ was a rejected demo song. I demoed the song in 2015. But the audio producer for whom I made the song rejected the song. As a result, the song sat on my PC for many years. Later, when I started making music content for my YouTube channel Tune Factory, I needed a lot of content. Then I found the project of this song among thousands of old song projects. As the music project of all my songs is stocked part by part. So let’s release the demo project of this song after rubbing it a little. But I never imagined that the song would become so viral and a hit. Basically, because this song went viral on Tik Tok and YouTube, my YouTube channel managed to get a silver play button. This song proves that you never know when a song will become a hit or go viral. So you have to work hard and make music. If the song has the right emotional appeal, then the song will become a hit one day or the other.

Rakib Musabbir also said that the recent sequel version of this song ‘Monta Kariya To (Amar Man)’ audio song has also gone viral on TikTok for you. The sequel of this song was used by 1.5 lakh TikTokers as audio clips in their videos in 48 hours. Besides, the first version of his ‘Monta Kariya’ has been watched by about 7.5 million people on YouTube. Rakib Musabbir’s most viewed song is ‘Mon Pinjira’. About 8 crore people have watched the song on YouTube. The sequel of this ‘Mon Pinjira’ song ‘Mon Pinjira Two’ has also gone viral on TikTok and YouTube. It is known that even in the era of this video, Rakib Musabbir’s audio songs became viral and many people praised him. Rakib Musabbir entered the world of music during the fall of audio cassettes. His first album ‘Jare Amar Mon’ was released on tape cassette all over Bangladesh. Earlier, it became famous as Bangladesh’s first viral song due to online piracy. Since 2007, Rakib Musabbir has been giving one after another popular song. Even after an era of his music career, he continues to give hit songs one after another. As Rakib Musabbir is largely publicity averse, his success stories remain largely unknown to many. But the call of religion moves in the wind. Rakib Musabbir is also quietly winning people’s hearts with his songs.

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