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Two songs of the movie written by Asif Iqbal are viral

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Asif Iqbal is a talented lyricist of Bangladesh. Asif Iqbal started his music career as a lyricist by writing the songs for the ‘Ananya’ album of James, who is known as the guru of band music in the late eighties. After that, he has been writing hits and popular songs for several generations.

Moreover, Asif Iqbal is one of the most successful people in the media of Bangladesh. He has given countless hits in his 34-year music career. Several songs written by him are running towards immortality. The song with the title ‘If the goal is unwavering faith will be seen in the heart, will be seen in the victory’ seems to be a symbol of inspiration to the listeners. He has spread hundreds of such words songs in the heart of Bengal. Besides, numerous senior-junior talented and popular artists of Bangladesh have come to the discussion many times by singing songs written by him.

Two songs written by him in two recent Bangladeshi films have already gone viral. One song is ‘Megher Noaka’ from the movie ‘Prohelika’ and another is the title track ‘Priyotoma’ from the movie Priyatma. It can be said that Asif Iqbal made a record of giving hit songs one after another from the late eighties till now. Songs written by Asif Iqbal hit YouTube, Facebook and Tiktok from that tape cassette. He is the first lyricist of Bangladesh who has hits and popular songs on all platforms.

Asif Iqbal has left a mark on the hearts of the audience with several popular songs in tune with the newcomers even after his media career spans over 3 eras.

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