Thursday, June 20

Shakira moved to a new country after the breakup

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World famous pop star Shakira finally left the city of Barcelona and moved to the United States after breaking up with her boyfriend and ex-footballer Gerard Pique. The Colombian singer shared a post on Instagram saying goodbye to the Spanish city on Monday (April 3). She has lived in Spain for the past decade with her two sons and boyfriend Pique. In her post, Shakira wrote in Spanish, “I established myself in Barcelona for the stability of my children. For the same reason, I am now looking for a place of peace with my family and friends by the sea in the other corner of the world. We have started a new chapter in our pursuit of happiness.” Shakira also wrote, “Thank you to everyone who lived with me in the Barcelona wave. In this city, I learned that friendship lasts longer than love. Thank you to everyone who helped me, wiped my tears, inspired me and raised me.”

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